We analyze, evaluate the success of the project from the source. Architects based in Barcelona, with experience on international, public and private projects. We are used to work different scales considering the key inputs of each case, the concept works to arrive at a good development and a final detail.  This is our formula:

capture > analyze > propose > grow > feel

It’s essential to be aware of the environment in which we develop to offer our best creative proposals. Our technique has become the ability to reconvert spaces into places. Inspiration reached by those who inhabit is the goal of hard work by enjoying the environment. Everything turns to create:

 F O R M I D A B L E · A T M O S P H E R E S

profile: carla puig

Carla Puig is an observer, believes in logic and humanity to capture the essence of every idea. She studied Architecture at La Salle University in Barcelona. She has worked on private projects in New York City; Has developed public projects with Pritzquer Awarded RCR office in Olot where she obtained the Master of Sustainability in Architecture, and has discovered the magic of interiors through Lázaro Rosa-Violán.

Now she develops several projects by herself and other specialized architects in each matter.